Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Have Things Drastically Changed?

It’s shocking and sad, and you experience a series of emotions. You and your loved one use to spend afternoons together, chatting over tea or shopping together at the mall, but now you’ll have the same conversation five times in one day with them and they wonder why you aren’t shopping together anymore, even though you just got home from the mall. It’s not typical behavior and you’re afraid to think what these behaviors’ could mean in terms of health and safety, for you and the whole family.

An Alzheimer’s disease or dementia diagnosis can strike fear in the hearts of family members. If you’re living it now, you know all too well how things can change. If you’ve just received the prognosis, you’re likely scared and confused.

You Aren’t Alone

We supply the following skills and support to families of those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia:

Techniques to Manage Behavior: We use techniques such as giving simple choices and redirecting, allowing the senior to remain calm and safe at home.

Encouraging Engagement: Engaging seniors throughout the day builds self-esteem, enhances physical strength and reduces behaviors that need to be managed. Using techniques and activities, we switch the focus to the seniors’ mind, body and soul.

Supporting the Family: We understand the struggles and challenges that accompany caring for a loved one. They are trained to work closely with the family and have open communication, which results in quality care for the senior.