Non-Medical Care

Non-Medical Care Services

Sometimes a little extra help can make a difference in how soon patients can return home. Our non-medical services include things like grocery shopping, meal preparation, running errands, assisting with pet care, booking medical appointments, as well as assistance with household tasks like cleaning and doing laundry. Our additional services also include medication reminders, dressing, bathing, grooming and assistance preparing and eating nutritious meals.

You know your loved one needs a little help around the house, but just because there are a few problems doesn’t mean they have to be moved somewhere else altogether. Taking advantage of the variety of today’s senior services, especially non-medical home care services, may be all that’s needed to remain at home.

Non-medical home care focuses on helping seniors with the daily activities they need to engage in to remain safe and healthy. Many seniors need help to get their day started with assistance showering, meal preparation and taking their medications. Likewise, help before bedtime, or even overnight, can be an important safety net for seniors at home who often are more apprehensive at nighttime. However, one of the most important needs of a senior who lives alone is often simple companionship. The companionship component of a professional caregiver’s job can be just as vital as the physical assistance a professional will provide. Seniors need conversation and one-on-one contact to keep their minds alert. They can thrive with someone to participate in their favorite activities such as gardening or baking, or just someone to go to the grocery store with.

Helper Services

It used to be that a medical crisis could spell the end for seniors living in their own homes. But today, even older adults who suffer from chronic conditions or life debilitating illnesses can still remain at home. Advances in technology and life-saving equipment have kept many seniors at home with the assistance of a caregiver. We assist with mobility through special techniques or machinery such as ceiling lifts.

We also offer a wide range of RN and RPN medical and therapeutic services at home and for residents staying in health facilities.